Fender Champ Amp 1970s vintage

Fender Champ Amp 1970s vintage


Fender Champ Amp

Year: 1970s

Origin: Fullerton, CA. USA

Power requirements: 120v attached cable

Cosmetic Condition: Very Good condition with a very small area of lift off of the tolex and a small area of discoloration on the grill cloth. Overall condition will delight the player and collector alike. 8.5 out of 10 condition

Operational condition: Fully-functioning

Description: Here’s a clean and very healthy, vintage Fender Champ from the 1970s. It has excellent tone with lots of note clarity and very good output that stays clean when you want it but can easily be coerced into really gnarly and harmonic-rich overdrive. Champs are invaluable for their light weight and mid-range-y, yet full tone that cuts right through a mix as well as their ability to sound huge when properly mic’d up. Keep your neighbors happy while achieving legitimately great vintage, Fender tube tone. Your studio needs a Champ!