Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-6 Analog Drum Machine

Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-6 Analog Drum Machine

Excellent Condition


Rhythm Ace FR-6

Year: 1970s

Origin: Japan

Operational Condition: Fully-Functional

Cosmetic Condition: Excellent with only some minor wear on the edges. This little box will delight the user and collector alike. 9 out of 10 condition

Description: Here’s a great sounding, all-analog, vintage drum machine from the 1970s that features some really great beats, incredibly warm and fat tones and a good amount of variation due to the fact you can combine any two of the different presets to create even more patterns. It also has controls for cancelling out either the snare drum, cymbals, claves or any combination of the three. This thing will add some serious vintage mojo to your studio and will certainly find its way into your recordings/live performance and likely even your songwriting process.