Ampeg GV-22 Gemini Combo Tube Amplifier 1973

Ampeg GV-22 Gemini Combo Tube Amplifier 1973

Very Good Condition


Ampeg GV-22 Gemini Combo Tube Amplifier

Origin: USA

Year: circa 1973

Speaker: Two 12″ original Chicago-made Jensens

Operational condition: Fully-Functioning

Modifications: On switch has been bypassed (we’re told Keef had a tech do the same mod) so the amp is powered on when plugged in. The standby switch on the back is functional as usual.

Cosmetic Condition: Excellent condition with very little signs of use. Overall condition is a 9 out of 10


All you should really need to know about the GV-22 Gemini amps is that Keith Richard’s played this model on Exile on Main St, which is arguably one of the finest Rock n’ Roll albums ever. If you need more incentive than that that this Ampeg from ’73 is an absolute tone classic please read on. Loaded with two original and beautiful, Chicago-made Jensen speakers, and boasting spring reverb and some lovely tremolo, this amp is a fantastic clean platform that has a great, toneful grind to it when pushed harder. You’ll be inspired by lineage and the tone of this Gemini time and time again for studio, stage and rehearsal work.