Boss CE-2 Chorus modified by Keeley

Boss CE-2 Chorus modified by Keeley

Good Condition


Boss CE-2 Chorus w Keeley mod

Year: 1980s

Origin: Japan

Power Requirements: Modified by Keeley to work with a 9v power supply (as opposed to the 12 ACA power supply) or a 9v battery.

Modifications/changes: Modified by Keeley to operate with 9v power supply, blue bypass light, upgraded knobs and tone enhancement

Operational Condition: Fully-Functioning

Cosmetic Condition: Good (-) with significant wear to the screen printing, dings, scrapes, etc

Description: The Boss CE-2 is a legend in the world of modulations. Its shimmering, natural, toneful sound has put it among the most beloved of all modulation pedals and perhaps at the very top of the compact chorus pedals. Add on top of it Keeley’s great modifications and you have one amazing chorus!