Boss DM-2 Delay 1982

Boss DM-2 Delay 1982

Good Condition


Boss DM-2 Delay

Year: 1982

Power requirements: Many early Boss pedals require a 12 volt adapter despite the fact that they can also be powered with a 9 volt battery. If you have any questions about powering this unit please don’t hesitate to ask. Neither adapter of battery are included.

Origin: Japan

Modifications/Repairs: None

Operational Condition: Fully-functioning

Cosmetic Condition: Very Good with several marks that have been neatly touched-up with a very similar shade of paint. 8 out of 10 condition

Description: One of the all-time great delay pedals with rich, musical, mellow repeats, this analog wonder will be invaluable in your studio or on your pedal board.