Boss PS-2 Digital Pitch shifter/Delay

Boss PS-2 Digital Pitch shifter/Delay

Good Condition


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Boss PS-2 Digital Pitch shifter/Delay

Year: Late 1980s/1990s

Power Requirements: 9v power supply or battery (neither are included)

Operational Condition: Fully-Functioning

Cosmetic Condition: Very Good with the back label missing and some light marks

Description borrowed from
The PS-2 Digital Pitch Shifter/Delay is a multiple effects unit incorporating both a digital pitch shifter and digital delay into one compact case. The PS-2’s ultra-high speed pitch shifting circuit virtually eliminates any undesired timing response and signal quality differences between the source sound and the pitch-shifted or delayed sounds. It adds quality pitch-shifted chorus, octave, and a variety of harmony effects to the source signal, and confirmation of the degree of pitch-shift is available through the Tuner Out jack by attaching a suitable chromatic tuner like the TU-12.