Danelectro ‘59 Reissue 2000s Made in Korea

Danelectro ‘59 Reissue 2000s Made in Korea

Very Good Condition


Danelectro ‘59 Reissue

Approx time of manufacture: Late 1990s

Color: Black

Modifications/Repairs: None

Cosmetic Condition: Very Good (+) with some light scratches and marks on a few spots. There is a spot on the front of the guitar that has a lower sheen than the rest of the guitar due to some play wear. Overall, this Dano is in very nice shape. 8.5 out of 10 condition

Operational Condition: Fully-functioning

Description: These earlier Korean-made reissue Danos are just great and arguably better than the originals in a lot of ways while still having many of the original features that were dropped on later reissues. Features like the wood saddle, concentric knobs, metal nut, vertical logo, etc are what Danolectro fans want and this particular black ’59 is as fine of an example as any. It’s lightweight, a blast to play thanks to its low action and nice frets and the sound from the “lipstick” pickups is pure, chimey, 60’s goodness. You need this classic (reissue) in your stable!