DOD FX69 Grunge vintage J. Lamb era

DOD FX69 Grunge vintage J. Lamb era

Very Good Condition


DOD FX69 Grunge

Origin: USA

Power requirements: 9v power supply (w 3.5mm plug) or 9v battery (neither are included)

Cosmetic-Condition: Good condition with some residue on the back sticker, some small marks and of course the obligatory DOD missing battery cover.

Operational-Condition: Fully-functioning

Description: Here’s an early 90s legend right here. This is the DOD Grunge pedal you want. It’s from the Jason Lamb era and has the “butt” and “face” controls before they were replaced by the mundane “treble” and “bass” controls on later versions. This pedal will only climb in value as the early 90s fade more in the rear view mirror and fortunately, it’s a rad-sounding high gain overdrive that you can enjoy, play and record with as it appreciates.