E-MU systems Emax SE Synthesizer

E-MU systems Emax SE Synthesizer

Good Condition


E-MU systems Emax SE Synthesizer

Year: 1980s

Origin: USA

Extras: Comes with original manual

Power requirements: Detachable 120v (N. American Standard) cable

Operational condition: Fully-functioning

Cosmetic Condition: Good (-) with what looks like maybe permanent marker neatly applied over the entire board. Strange but somehow doesn’t look horrible. Two slider tips are missing but the sliders function fine with out them.

Description borrowed from Vintage Synth Explorer:

The Emax is a classic sampler workstation from E-mu. It is sort of a next generation , it’s not as good as an  but it’s more powerful than previous EII’s. The Emax can be found in several forms: the Emax, the Emax Rack, the Emax HD (built-in 20MB hard disk), the Emax HD Rack and the Emax SE (Synthesis Enhanced) with a built-in synthesizer section. The Emax’s editing system will be familiar to users of E-mu’s excellent  series.

The Emax has an extensive library collection of samples that can be loaded via the built-in 3.5″ hard drive. Or you can sample your own sounds. The Sampler is powerful, but lo-fi. It samples at 12-bit resolution with variable sample-rates up to 42kHz. The built-in memory is 512K which only gives you a few good seconds really. Sampling and editing is easy, complete and intuitive with auto sample placement, auto-looping, truncating, reversing, velocity cross-fade, etc. The Emax also features individual channel outputs and stereo outputs and extensive MIDI implementation.