Fender Jazz Bass 1974 vintage w original case

Fender Jazz Bass 1974 vintage w original case

Good Condition


Fender Jazz Bass

Year: 1973

Origin: Fullerton, CA, USA

Weight: 10lbs 5oz

Color: Natural (possible overspray)

Neck details: 4-bolt, slimmer (but not too slim) maple neck with rosewood fretboard

Pickup output: Bridge: 6.78K Neck: 8.30k
Electronics: Original “Gray Bottom” Jazz Bass pickups date to 1973. Original pots date to 1973

Case/Extras: Original case included. Case in very good shape with some wear on the inside and the expected marks and dings in some spots. All latches, hinges work and the original key is included.

Modifications/Repairs: Changed pickguard. Two holes in the front and two in the back filled near the bridge. The holes were likely from a previous bridge that has since been replaced with the original bridge. See pictures 4, 5 and 16 for greater detail on the filled holes. Refretted

Cosmetic Condition: Very Good (+) condition with a couple dings through the finish, one small ding with touchup, some belt buckle rash on the back and some light oxidation. Overall condition is an 8 out of 10.

Operational Condition: Fully-functioning

Description: This is a fantastic 4-bolt, 1973 Jazz Bass with a round but slimmer (but not too slim) lively resonance and a tone that sounds exactly, and we mean exactly like those classic 1970s Funk, Fusion and Rock albums from the 1970s. The tone is all you could ever want from a Jazz Bass. Clear, punchy with that midrange hump that sits right where it should be in a mix. The neck on this J Bass is a wonderfully comfortable shape with plenty of life left with the frets. This vintage Jazz Bass that will make the perfect companion for stage and studio