Fender Mustang 1967 Black Refin

Fender Mustang 1967 Black Refin

Very Good Condition


Fender Mustang

Year: 1967

Origin: Fullerton, CA. USA

Color: Black with gray undercoat. This Mustang started life in Dakota Red but was refinished a long time ago and the job was well done. There are some blemishes in the finish and some subtle signs that this isn’t a Fender finish but all the checking and time-related wear to the lacquer have really resulted in a beautiful patina that has a lot of mojo and will delight the owner that likes there vintage guitars to look…well..vintage.

Weight: 6lbs 13oz

Pickups: Original Black Bottom Fender Mustang pickups have hand written dates on them dating them to ’67.

Case/Extras: Vintage Mustang case included. Case is in excellent shape but the latches need some extra coercion like so many other Fender cases from this era but they do stay closed when you want them to. No trem arm included

Modifications/Repairs: Refinished. Knobs are changed. All other parts including pickups and tuners/hardware are original.

Cosmetic Condition: Some wear to the original logo, lots of great wear to the back of the neck which makes this neck fit like an old baseball glove in the hand. There is lots of checking, marks and some missing paint revealing the gray undercoat. The high “e” tuner is bent slightly but works just fine and holds tuning.

Operational Condition: Fully-functioning including all electronics, truss rod, etc. Original frets have lots of life left and playability is nice with low action. Pickups have strong output and sound clear, articulate, twangy and musical.

Description: Lovers of both black guitars and 1960s Mustangs have traditionally been out of luck as Fender never offered this color in the 1960s. Luckily, someone a long time ago did the “dirty work” of refinishing this Stang and the weathering over the years has aged it to a mean but beautiful patina. All this would mean nothing though if it wasn’t also a killer playing and sounding vintage instrument with tone that is unmistakably vintage 1960s Fender. Good thing it is. This rad little American-classic deserves a spot in your stable of great guitars