Fender “Silverface” Tube Reverb Unit 1970s

Fender “Silverface” Tube Reverb Unit 1970s

Excellent Condition


Fender “Silverface” Reverb Unit

Origin: Fullerton, CA. USA

Approx time of manufacture: 1970s

Power requirements: 120v attached cable

Operational condition: Fully-functioning

Cosmetic condition: In Excellent condition with only the lightest signs of this units age including some oxidation to the face plate and some other small marks. Overall condition is an 9 out of 10

Modifications/Repairs: None

Description: Digital pedals have come along way and can offer a head-spinning amount of features. If you’re after pure, analog inspiration from your Reverb though, it’s basically impossible to beat a real tube-driven Fender Spring Reverb tank. Powerful and deep, a Fender Reverb tank improves any source you can put through it and will enhance your recordings and performances as it continues to climb in value and this squeaky clean 1970s example is as fine as any.