Fender Stratocaster 1974 vintage Olympic White refin

Fender Stratocaster 1974 vintage Olympic White refin


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Fender Stratocaster

Year: 1974

Color: Olympic White (semi-pro refin)

Origin: Fullerton, California. USA

Weight: 7lbs 7oz

Case:Comes with 1980s-era Fender case that is not original to the guitar but is in great shape and offers good protection for i.

Neck wood/description: Maple neck and fretboard. Medium to Beefy thickness. Frets are not original and have good life left and are a pleasure to play on.

Pickups: To be frank, we’re not exactly sure what the neck and bridge pickup are in this Strat but they do sound great. They’re well balanced and musical with good output that’s not too hot. The middle pickup is a Hot Stack Seymour Duncan from the 1980s that also sounds quite nice in this Strat

Modifications/Repairs: Several changes including a refret, changed pickguard, pickups, and of course refin. The refin looks mostly great with some wonderful patina and wear that is authentic but there are spots that look a bit amateurish such as the inside of the horns.

Operational Condition- Fully-Functioning although the trem block’s tremolo cavity is stripped. The original will either need to be retapped or replaced (the Vintage American trem block can be bought new for $99 and is a direct fit) should you choose to use the trem.

Cosmetic Condition: Good with lots of dings, scrapes, marks etc. that are indicative of a well-loved guitar from this era.

Description: This Strat is special. Yes, it’s a complete player’s guitar with many mods, changes, etc but man alive will it make said player happy. Its light weight, has a brilliantly naturally-aged neck/fretboard that feels as close to a real 50s Strat neck that I’ve ever played (and I’ve had the good fortune of playing several 50’s Strats) and the guitar just sounds incredible. If the Burgundy middle pickup bugs you from a visual standpoint, drop in a replacement and sell the Duncan and you’ll have the Hendrix-look dialed in. Either way, you can’t lose with this unique, player’s grade, battle-proven beauty!