Fender Telecaster 1974 w/HSC

Fender Telecaster 1974 w/HSC

Good Condition


Fender Telecaster

Year: 1974

Origin: Fullerton, CA. USA

Case: Non-original tweed type case. Case is in Fair to Good condition. All latches work and it opens and closes easily only when you want it to. There is some wear to the pink interior and some wear on the outside including the writing of a price in marker on the outside.

Weight: 9lbs 13oz

Neck/frets description: Maple fretboard and maple neck with thin “C’ neck that is a joy to play on for fans of slim necks. ActionPlayability is fantastic thanks to a pro refret and a fresh setup from our technician. Guitar has full adjustability up and down and action is low without buzzing.

Modifications/changes: Pickguard is not original. Nut was changed and fretboard was sanded when refret was done. Neck pickup is changed and Sperzel tuners have been added and the original tuner screw holes have been filled neatly. Bridge pickup and all other electronics, finish, hardware, etc are original and date to ’73/’74

Cosmetic condition: Good Condition with the aformentioned changes. The original blonde finish has aged to that wonderful yellowish hue and hundreds of natural checking lines and a few smallish dings/nicks complete the authentic and awesome patina. 8 out of 10 condition

Operational condition: Fully-functioning including electronics, truss rod, etc.

Description: This is a great vintage Telecaster. It ain’t light but it sings when unplugged and more than backs up the hype when plugged in. This guitar can do it all but really excels at those classic, wiry Telecaster sounds. The bridge pickup sound is toneful and biting but never harsh and the neck pickup tone is articulate and rich and a great compliment to the bridge whether clean or distorted. This guitar looks incredible, plays awesome, is chock full of vintage mojo and best of all it sounds like all those classic Tele sounds on those old (and not so old) records we love.  It will absolutely be among the very few in your collection that you reach for time and time again!