Fender Vibrolux 1967 Tube Amp

Fender Vibrolux 1967 Tube Amp

Very Good Condition


Fender Vibrolux ” 35 Watt Tube Amp

Year: 1967

Speaker Configuration: Two 10″ original Fender Special Design speakers

Origin: Fullerton, CA. USA

Modifications/Repairs: Power cable has been changed at some point but is quite old itself and could use replacing. 

Cosmetic Condition: Very Good condition with some discoloration on the grill cloth and a small rip in the grill as well. The top back panel is missing. One knob has been changed with a newer knob but blends in very well. 

Operational condition: Fully-functioning

Description: Perhaps this writer’s (and 1960s Fender amp freak’s) very favorite amp, the Fender Vibrolux is quite possibly the most perfect blend of power and practicality at 35 watts. The tone is clean but can be coerced into overdriven tones without peeling the plaster off the walls. The two 10″ speaker platform gives you great bass response as well as great highs with beautiful articulation and note separation but it’s the midrange that makes these amps so very special. For studio and stage you can’t simply can’t beat the inspiration that this beautiful, American classic offers.