Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 1978 w original case and spec card

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 1978 w original case and spec card

Very Good Condition


Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

Year: 1978

Color: Tobacco Sunburst

Origin: Kalamazoo, MI. U.S.A.

Construction: Three-piece neck. Mahogany body with Maple cap

Weight: 10lbs 6oz

Pickups: Original Gibson Mini Humbuckers dated

Modifications/Repairs: Screw for bottom strap pole is changed.

Operational Condition: Fully-functioning. Truss rod and all electronics function perfectly. Frets are in good condition and the guitar has low action that is a joy to play on.

Cosmetic Condition: Very good with some light checking, some small dings, marks in the finish and one larger ding spot near the input jack that has been partially but filled with a filler.

Case: Original Gibson Protector case. Case is in very good shape with two of the three latches having been neatly reinforced with screws that are not visible when the case is closed. One latch is missing.

Description: This vintage Les Paul Deluxe made in the original Kalamazoo factory is a fantastic playing and  great sounding Les Paul that has had the good fortune of being played and loved and also drying out for the last 40 some years. It also was graced with what many folks consider to be some of the best pickups Gibson ever made: Mini Humbuckers. When played clean, the notes are round and full with rich and complex harmonics but also with great clarity and note separation. When put through distortion the tone has a round bottom end, musical midrange and highs that cut through but never get harsh. The sustain is also impressive. This Les Paul has some serious vibe that you just can’t get from a modern guitar and it will be the Les Paul you grab first when in the studio or on stage. If you’re after a late 70’s Les Paul you won’t do any better than this ’78 Deluxe right here.