Gibson SG Standard vintage 1967 w original case

Gibson SG Standard vintage 1967 w original case

Very Good Condition


Gibson SG Standard

Year: 1967

Origin: Kalamazoo, MI. USA

Color: Cherry

Pickups: Original “Patent Number” Gibson Humbuckers (the patent number sticker has fallen off of the bridge pickup

Neck shape: Slimmer to Medium thickness neck with a wide a 1 9/16 nut width
Weight: 7lbs 11oz

Case: Original Black tolex/Orange lined case

Modifications/Repairs: Tuners have been replaced. No extra screw holes have been drilled.

Cosmetic Condition: Very Good shape with some finish wear on the back of the neck, near the lower horn and several small dings, buckle rash on the back and other signs of the guitar’s 50 + years of age. There is a small crack near the high “e” tuner due to the original owner over-zealously tightening the tuner screw. It is completely stable and does not reach to the end of the headstock. Overall, this guitar is in great condition and will not disappoint cosmetically or otherwise.

Operational Condition: Fully-Functioning with full-adjustability and great action. The frets are original and have some wear mostly in the first 5 frets. The guitar could benefit from a routine fret dress but it is not necessary immediately and the guitar plays very well as is.

Description: Lightweight, resonant and incredibly musical-sounding with a great feeling neck, this non-circulated  SG was bought in 1968 along with a Fender Princeton Reverb amp by the original owner who sold it to us as he has decided to go acoustic. He played the guitar for decades on the South side of Chicago playing Blues and Country and Western. This is your chance to get an incredible instrument that has mojo and history in spades that simply can’t be recreated in a modern instrument