Kalamazoo KG-11 1930s vintage Gibson-made acoustic w case

Kalamazoo KG-11 1930s vintage Gibson-made acoustic w case

Good Condition


Kalamazoo KG-11

Year: 1930s

Origin: Kalamazoo, MI. USA

Color: Two Tone Sunburst

Case/Extras: vintage chipboard case (likely not original to the guitar)

Modifications/Repairs: This guitar has been beautifully restored to (very) playable condition by the best luthier in Chicago. Several small body cracks were repaired, neck was reset and new, repro tuners were added that work great and look fantastic on the guitar.

Cosmetic Condition: Good with some dings, wear, small repaired body cracks, etc that are indicative of this guitar’s nearly  approximately 80 years age. There is some bellying behind the bridge and sinking in front of it but it has passed our stability inspection and this Octogenarian instrument has done all the “moving” its going to do and won’t give you any issues if you treat it nice.

Description: If guitars could talk (in words anyway) we’d like to think this one would have stories abound of being carried across this great land by a hobo singing folk songs from a box car chugging west or seedy tales of being played from the edge of a gray mattress in a flophouse in some bustling steel town. Who knows? All we know is this guitar has character with a capital “K”. And it sounds great too!  It’s an excellent finger picker with a woody, mellow tone that still has bite to it. It sounds good strummed as well albeit its latter bracing means it doesn’t have the bass response of some later “X” braced guitars. If you want that Country/Delta Blues or early folk sound though this will get you there with a smile. This one could have just stopped at just being great-sounding. Thanks to some extensive work from a dedicated technician just last year (who happens to love these KG-11s) this one plays as good as it looks and sounds.