Kingston vintage Parlor-sized Acoustic Guitar

Kingston vintage Parlor-sized Acoustic Guitar

Fair Condition


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Kingston Parlor-sized Acoustic Guitar

Operational condition: Guitar has low, playable action up until after the 7th fret where a hump in the neck causes some dead notes. The guitar is playable but please temper your expectations with this ol’ gal.

Cosmetic condition: Very Good condition with dings, marks and other signs of this guitar’s almost 50 + years

Description: Here’s a great-looking vintage Kingston likely from the 1960s. It’s actually quite fun to play for open chords and sounds pretty cool too. It will also class up any studio, practice room or elsewhere you hang it on the wall. The action up the neck is not playable due to several dead notes and will need either work to correct that or will need to be played As Is.