Magnus Chord Organ

Magnus Chord Organ

Good Condition


Magnus Chord Organ

Year: 1970s

Origin: Linden, New Jersey, USA

Power requirements: 120v attached power cable

Color: White

Cosmetic Condition: Very Good condition with some small discoloration marks in a few spots.

Operational Condition: Fully-functioning. With these old chord organs there can be some tuning irregularities due to the fan not blowing enough air through the reeds. This particular unit is behaving well but you may notice some “drift” in tuning between the chord buttons and certain notes.


An endlessly charming, reed-based, mechanical instrument that sounds a lot like an accordion. Plug it in, hear the comforting whirl of the fan speed up and then play full chords with the touch of one of the 6 buttons on the side and accompany with your right hand on the piano keys.
This ol’ girl has a great sound. Killer for indie rock, folk, polkas, Italian cafe music, French film soundtracks, etc.

You need this in your studio!