Moog MultiMoog vintage analog synthesizer

Moog MultiMoog vintage analog synthesizer

Excellent Condition


Moog MultiMoog

Year: 1970s

Origin: USA

Power requirements: 120v attached power cable

Modifications: None

Operational Condition: Fully-Functioning

Cosmetic Condition: Excellent condition with some very light marks and scratches in a few spots. The ribbon controller has some slight wear but is in very good shape. Overall condition of the synth is a 9 out of 10.

Description (partially borrowed from Vintage Synth Explorer’s site)

A classic monophonic synth that features 2 oscillators, a ribbon controller, variable waveforms, flexible sample and hold, LFO, aftertouch (for pitch, VCF, or LFO rate) and a great sounding 24dB Moog filter. This is a rare synth and this one is in excellent shape. It comes from a studio in Nashville and is ready to make your vintage, analog dreams come true!