Roland CR-78 CompuRyhthm 1970s vintage analog drum machine

Roland CR-78 CompuRyhthm 1970s vintage analog drum machine

Very Good Condition


Roland CR-78 CompuRyhthm

Year: 1970s

Origin: Japan

Power requirements: Attached 120v (U.S. Standard) cable

Color/finish: Black tolex

Modifications/Repairs: None

Cosmetic Condition: Excellent condition with a ding in one corner, some very light lift off of the tolex one one side at the bottom and some other minor marks. Overall, this machine was well cared for and it shows. Overall condition is an 8.5 out of 10.

Operational Condition: Fully-functioning. Note: The programmability function of this machine requires a special foot switch that is not included

Ladies and Gentleman, this is the King Kong of 1970s drum machines. You’ve heard it on Blondie’s Heart of Glass, Phil Collin’s In the Air Tonight, songs by Radiohead, Genesis, and many, many others. This thing is a legend and take your studio and songwriting to a whole other level and this particularly clean unit being sold here is as fine an example as any.