Roland JC-60 vintage guitar/keyboard amp

Roland JC-60 vintage guitar/keyboard amp

Good Condition


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Roland JC-60

Circa: Late 1970s or Early 1980s

Origin: Japan

On-board effects: Distortion, Reverb, Vibrato and of course Chorus

Modifications/Repairs: The original owner drilled to screws into the back baffles to hold a board that made using an amp stand more feasible. The board has been removed leaving the screw holes.

Cosmetic Condition: Very Good (-) with some light wear on the face plate, some discoloration on the grill cloth, the aforementioned two screw holes on the back and some other light signs of the amp’s age. Overall condition is an 8 out 10

Operational Condition: Fully-functioning

Description: The JC-60 is a single 12″ speaker variant of the legendary JC-120. It still has the pure, clean sound of its big brother with a lot of headroom and note separation, full-range response and the finest built-in Chorus/Vibrato you could ever ask for plus real Spring Reverb and Roland’s weird but strangely useable distortion circuit. Your studio and performances need this legendary amp!