Roland Space Echo RE-101

Roland Space Echo RE-101

Excellent Condition


Roland Space Echo RE-101


Year: 1970s


Origin: Japan


Power requirements: 120v attached power cable


Color: Black Tolex


Modifications/Repairs: None


Cosmetic Condition: Excellent with some small marks in a few spots. Overall condition is a 9 out of 10.


Operational Condition: Fully-functioning




You can search the world over for the ultimate plug-in or digital modeling or even old-school Analog delay with some coveted and rare bucket brigade chip but you will never find a more musical, gooey, inspiring and drop dead gorgeous sounding delay than what you’ll get from a quality, vintage Tape Delay and it just so happens that the Roland Space Echo is among the finest Tape Delays ever made and this particular RE-101 is a great example. Your studio needs this great piece!