Vox AC30TB vintage 1990s Made in England

Vox AC30TB vintage 1990s Made in England

Very Good Condition



Vox AC30TB

Origin: United Kingdom

Approx. Date of Manufacture: Early 1990s

Power Requirements: 120v Detachable IEC (standard) power cable included

Operational Condition: Fully-Functioning
Speakers: Two UK-made “Greenback” Celestions

Cosmetic Condition: Excellent (-) with some wear on the handles and some small dings, scrapes in a few spots.  There is a very small tear in the tolex. 8.5 out of 10 condition

Description: The Vox AC30 is a legend and arguably the most famous guitar amp of all time. Plug one in and you realize why pretty quickly. Huge, three dimensional sound projection, Chime-y top end, clean power with just the right amount of dirt when you lean into it that never strays too far from its articulate, clear harmonics..loud enough to play any venue in the world and yet still very suitable for recording. Classic, English guitar tone awaits you with the AC30.