Vox Shadow 1960s vintage

Vox Shadow 1960s vintage

Good Condition


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Vox Shadow

Appox. Time of Manufacture: 1960s

Origin: England

Pickups: Three original Vox single coils

Modifications/Repairs: The body of the guitar was stripped to bare wood. It also appears that the body was thinned out somewhat making this instrument incredibly lightweight. All else is original on the guitar

Description: This 1960s Vox Shadow is an absolute blast to platy with it’s comfortable, worn in, shortscale neck and it sounds chimey and toneful with its original Vox single coil pickups. Also, partly because the finish was stripped and the body was thinned somewhat by a previous owner it is very resonant and lively and weighs next to nothing. If you’re after an inexpensive 1960s vintage guitar but aren’t hung up on original finishes you owe it to yourself to check out this high-flying bird from Vox!