Walla Walla Maverick Vintage Wood Browny w/ HSC

Walla Walla Maverick Vintage Wood Browny w/ HSC

Excellent Condition


Walla Walla Maverick Vintage Wood Browny

Year: 2020

Origin: WA, USA

Case/Extras: Comes with original Tweed case and Certificate from Walla Walla

Pickups: XT2 Pickups

Modifications: None

Weight: 5.8lbs

Construction: Chambered Poplar

Neck/frets description: Maple fretboard and maple neck with thin “C’ neck that is a joy to play on for fans of slim necks. ActionPlayability is fantastic thanks to a pro refret and a fresh setup from our technician. Guitar has full adjustability up and down and action is low without buzzing.

Cosmetic condition: Excellent condition with only the lightest signs of use.

Operational condition: Fully-functioning including electronics, truss rod, etc.

Description: Ultra light and resonant, this USA-made Walla Walla Maverick has all the goods, Honey Stain with Tru-Oil Finish, Flame Maple neck, Outlaw X bridge and Sperzel Tuners. The build-quality and fit and finish are stellar and it sings both acoustically and when plugged in.