Warwick Corvette Standard Fretless

Warwick Corvette Standard Fretless

Very Good Condition


Warwick Corvette Standard Fretless

Origin: Germany

Color: Natural

Modifications: None

Cosmetic Condition: Very Good condition with a few small nicks in different spots on the body and headstock. There is There is a smaller scratch on the headstock near the logo. There is a some what larger ding at the left rib of the bass (see pic 4). The center seam where the two pieces of wood are glued together in the factory has some very slight separation. This can be seen in photo 11 and 12. There is some light string rub marks on both the neck pickup and the neck itself.

Operational Condition: Fully-functioning including all electronics, truss rod, etc.

Description: Here’s a fantastic German-made Warwick fretless that plays and sounds absolutely killer. If you need a professional fretless bass in your arsenal, you owe it to yourself to check out this Corvette!