ARP Quartet Analog Synthesizer 1970s

ARP Quartet Analog Synthesizer 1970s

Good Condition


ARP Quartet Analog Synthesizer

Year: 1970s

Origin: USA

Power Requirement: 120v attached cable

Modifications/Repairs: This unit was serviced by Outlier Electronics in Chicago and works great.

Cosmetic Condition: Good (-) condition with the wood sides being painted a textured paint and some marks and a paint drip on the face of the unit. 7.5 out of 10 condition.

Operational Condition: Fully-functioning

Description from Vintage Synth Explorer: The ARP Quartet is identical to the Italian made Siel Orchestra. In fact, it is the Orchestra! ARP bought, relabeled and sold it as the Quartet without changing it much. It’s a 4-part orchestral synthesizer with 4 sections: Brass, Strings, Organ and Piano. These 4 tone color families can be played individually or two can be simultaneously played. They are also individually tweakable. Selected presets will light up LEDs to show you which sliders and buttons can be used to modify the current section. The synth itself is very limited however, and there’s no external control, no pitch/mod wheel and few edit parameters. But it sounds very good and it is, after all, a classic analog synth.

The Brass section creates Trumpet and Trombone sounds with independent attack and sustain controls. The String section creates Cello and Violin sounds with independent attack and sustain controls. The Organ section is 2-voice and has a Celeste sound available as well. The Piano section offers two types, traditional or Honky Tonk. The Quartet has been used by 808 State and Massive Attack for some those great string sounds.