Slingerland Blue Agate Four-Piece drum set 1960s

Slingerland Blue Agate Four-Piece drum set 1960s


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Slingerland Blue Agate Four-Piece drum set

Approx. Time of manufacture: Mid-1960s

Operational Condition: Fully-functioning


22″ Bass

13″ Rack

13″ Rack

16″ Floor

Cosmetic Condition: Good to Very Good with some small pieces of missing wrap on the front bass drum hoop (see photo 9), some somewhat unseated (possibly re-stapled) wrap staples on both bass drum hoops, some wear through the wrap on the left rack mount tom where it had been rubbing up against the snare for years and years (see pic 6) and some other lighter signs of this kit’s age. Several of the drums have a single sticker on them from Frank’s drum shop in Chicago where the kit was originally purchased in the 1960s. Overall condition is an 8 out of 10 and it will look absolutely killer on stage or in studio.

Modifications: None

Description: …what a great kit! This Slingerland from the 1960s sounds big, bold and musical with great overtones and that vintage Slingerland tone. You may have noticed that the two rack toms are both 13s but they are currently tuned distinct from a each other in pitch and work awesome with the rest of the kit. It also looks..well, you have eyes don’t ya? It looks incredible. Check out the photo of the original owner playing it circa 1966 or so.