Fender Precision Bass 1975 w hard case

Fender Precision Bass 1975 w hard case

Excellent Condition


Fender Precision Bass

Year: 1975

Origin: Fullerton, CA, USA

Weight: 9lbs 13oz

Color: Sunburst

Case: Non-original vintage case is in good shape and fits the bass fairly well with a little bit of play on either side of the body.

Neck description: Maple Neck with a Rosewood Fretboard. Possible refret. Frets are in good shape

Modifications/Repairs: Possible refret (If refret was done it was well done. The only reason we might question the frets’ originality is that some of the fret slots look like they were cut slightly deeper than the fret tangs required. One coil of the two coil pickup was rewound professionally. The other coil did not need any servicing.

Cosmetic Condition: Excellent condition with only some light marks/dings/scratches in a few spots. Overall condition is an 8.5 out of 10 condition and will delight the player and collector alike

Operational Condition: Fully-functioning including all electronics, truss rod, etc. Frets are in good shape with some light wear but nothing that affects playability. The action is easy. The original pickup is clear and balanced in volume on all six strings.


The Precision Bass is the most recorded bass of all time and for good reason and even better than a Precision bass is a vintage Precision bass. This 1974 P sounds absolutely excellent. Round and fat low-end, punchy mids and a clear but pleasant top-end rounding out the package. It has tone, playability, the look and the vibe that can only be achieved from a great instrument that’s had decades and decades to age like a fine wine. If you’re looking for a “desert Island bass” or want to add to your stable of incredible instruments you just found the one.