Marshall “Checkerboard” 1960 Slant Cabinet Early 1970s

Marshall “Checkerboard” 1960 Slant Cabinet Early 1970s

Good Condition


Marshall “Checkerboard” 1960 Cabinet

Origin: United Kingdom

Year: Early 1970s

Operational Condition: Fully-Functional

Cosmetic Condition: Plenty of wear from this beautiful cab’s colorful history. There are stains on the grill cloth, a few missing corner guards, some rips in the tolex and other “blemishes” that all add up to an incredible looking cab that has been around the Rock n’ Roll block

Speakers: USA-made 25-watt Warehouse Green Beret speakers

Description: They really don’t come much cooler than this. From the glory days of Rock n Roll and (Marshall amplification for that matter) comes this Battle-proven “Checkerboard” slant cab that is just dying to get back out there and make some guitarist (and his or her’s audience) smile with ear-bleeding delight. This thing sounds absolutely monstrous but also toneful and rich when paired with a good amplifier and you’ll find yourself plugging it in for all your serious sessions/performances.