Bearfoot FX Blue Bee Bass OD

Bearfoot FX Blue Bee Bass OD

Brand New


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Rare Birds Music is a dealer for Bearfoot FX products and this pedal is Brand New with manufacturer’s warranty.

Please note that the above pictures were taken as general photos to sell this model pedal. The serial number of the unit you will receive will be different than the serial in the photos above. All other specs/details including the box will be identical.

Bearfoot FX Blue Bee Bass OD

Condition: Brand New from Manufacturer

Description from Bearfoot FX:  The Blue Bee is the ultimate Bearfoot Blueberry Bass OD.

The amazing thing about the Blue Bee is how authentic and natural it sounds. The harmonic drive sounds just right and you can dial it in so it sounds like your bass amp (just dirtier)  with no distracting EQ shift, making it an excellent choice for getting those classic natural Ampeg/Acoustic pushed and driven B-15 to SVT tones.    The new Blue Bee has the original BBB OD Volume, Drive, and Nature (overall tone and body) controls of the Blueberry Bass. To these we’ve added a pre-dirt Mid boost control and a post-dirt Treble control to take it much farther if needed (Sheehan tones),making the Blue Bee the most complete version of the Blueberry bass ever!   But also be aware that the Blue Bee is also an exceptional overdrive on guitar for an Ampeg-ish Honey Bee’s cousin sound.  You’ll love the natural growl and singing tone along with the ability to dial in just what you are looking for with the added controls!