Blue Colander HT V-18 Engine Fuzz

Blue Colander HT V-18 Engine Fuzz

Mint Condition


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Blue Colander HT V-18 Engine Fuzz

Power requirements: 9-18v battery/batteries or power supply (neither are included)

Operational Condition: Fully-Functioning

Cosmetic Condition: Near Mint to Mint with almost no signs of use

Description from Blue Colander:

This is my take on Colorsound Power Boost.

Late 60s design which still kicks ass. This is boost pedal with kind of retro ‘hifi’ sound quality and pretty good amount of available tones with it’s 2-knob EQ section. Huge amount of boost making your amp boiling is a pretty satisfactory experience, but this pedal has a really cool (yes, this is the right word for it) overdrive sound with drive knob set high. Pleasingly gritty and raw kind of overdrive with great clean-up and addictive appeal. This sound is possible at low volume levels due to addition of master volume knob (not present in original vintage pedal). I wouldn’t feel sad at all if this was my only stompbox!

This design’s originally made to be powered with two batteries running at 18V, but my version can be also used with power supply feeding it with lower voltage like 9V. Dedicated 18V operation grants with great headroom, dynamics and higher output volume, while lower voltage works great for more overdriven and compressed sounds. Both choices are so choice.

HT V-18 is built with vintage-inspired PCB design and BC184L transistors just like the originals. Comes with awesome big-ass box in two colour versions (at this moment).