Benson Stonk Box (new)

Benson Stonk Box (new)

Brand New


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Benson Amps Stonk Box

Rare Birds Music is a dealer for Benson Amps products and this pedal is brand new with manufacturer’s warranty.

Please note that the above pictures were taken as general photos to sell this model. The serial number of the unit you will receive will be different than the serial in the photos above. All other specs/details including the box will be identical.

Description from Benson:

Like the Germanium Fuzz before it, the Stonk Box attempts to take a classic 1960’s fuzz design, and bring the sound into the modern world without bringing any along the flaws and inconsistencies of the original. In this case, we set our eyes on the MK1 fuzz (which is itself a modified version of the very first fuzz ever). We kept the original controls (FILTER and VOLUME), and added a TONE control and a TRIM control to expand the palette of sounds available. Buffer and pedal order friendly (but with no pickup simulation, we had to tweak the output circuit this time). The original circuit is considered one of the hardest of the classic fuzzes to get right because of the difficulty in transistor selection…with our patented technology we can do it easily and consistently…for the first time ever!