Fender Mustang 1966 vintage w /original case

Fender Mustang 1966 vintage w /original case

Very Good Condition


Fender Mustang

Year: 1966

Origin: Fullerton, CA. USA

Color: Original Dakota Red Finish

Pickups: Both pickups are “gray bottoms” and date to the mid 1960s. The bridge pickup is original to this Mustang while the other 1960s Mustang pickup was sourced by us and installed to make this Mustang complete as it previously had a strat pickup in it.

Case/Extras: Vintage Mustang case included. Case is in good shape with a missing middle latch and some wear that is to be expected from a case this age.

Modifications/Repairs: See the “pickups” paragraph above for info on the pickups. Electronics are original but guitar has been professionally rewired with the correct wire. A toggle switch was added at the horn that acts as a “kill” switch when the original sliders are in certain positions. A small, well done route was added under the pickguard to accommodate the toggle switch. The Tuners have been replaced with 1970s style Mustang tuners and no extra holes were added or exposed to accommodate these tuners.

Cosmetic Condition: Very Good condition with the a small ding in the wood (see photo 6) and some other small marks, scratches. 8 out of 10 condition

Operational Condition: Fully-functioning including all electronics, truss rod, etc. Playability is great with low action. Pickups have strong output and sound clear, articulate, twangy and musical.

Description: Here’s a killer Mustang with some unobtrusive mods that make it an excellent but more affordable choice for an actual player that are less interested in collecting and more in actually playing and creating with. It plays awesome, looks incredible and has the authentic sound of a 1960s Fender because it is!